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Mathematical Inequalities & Applications

Volume: 25

Year: 2022


Issue: 1 (January, 2022)
Article number / DOI Authors / Title Pages Abstract Article
25-01 Hoang Anh Tran: A simple counterexample for the permanent-on-top conjecture 1–16 View View
25-02 Aigerim Kalybay, Ryskul Oinarov: Boundedness of Riemann-Liouville operator from weighted Sobolev space to weighted Lebesgue space for 1 < q < p < ∞ 17–26 View View
25-03 Nafya Hameed Mohammed, Ebrahim Analouei Adegani, Teodor Bulboacă, Nak Eun Cho: A family of holomorphic functions defined by differential inequality 27–39 View View
25-04 Gord Sinnamon: Norm of the discrete Cesàro operator minus identity 41–48 View View
25-05 M. Paschalis: Geometric Hardy inequalities via integration on flows 49–72 View View
25-06 Thu Hien Nguyen, Anna Vishnyakova: On the number of real zeros of real entire functions with a non-decreasing sequence of the second quotients of Taylor coefficients 73–89 View View
25-07 Zhitao Guo: On Stević-Sharma operator from weighted Bergman-Orlicz spaces to Bloch-type spaces 91–107 View View
25-08 Ting Chen, Feng Liu: Regularity of commutators of multilinear maximal operators with Lipschitz symbols 109–134 View View
25-09 Marek Niezgoda: Majorization refinements of Ky Fan's eigenvalue inequality and related results 135–144 View View
25-10 Clifford Gilmore, Félix Martínez-Giménez, Alfred Peris: Rate of growth of distributionally chaotic functions 145–167 View View
25-11 Dinh Dũng, Vu Nhat Huy: Approximation by linear combinations of translates of a single function 169–186 View View
25-12 Marek Niezgoda, Karol Gryszka: Pre-Grüss and Grüss-Ostrowski like inequalities in Banach spaces 187–203 View View
25-13 Wasthenny Cavalcante, Daniel Nùñez-Alarcón, Daniel Pellegrino, Pilar Rueda: Optimal constants of the mixed Littlewood inequalities: the complex case 205–220 View View
25-14 Shuichi Sato: Some weak type estimates for maximal singular integrals 221–249 View View
25-15 Rabia Bibi: Refinements of some classical inequalities on time scales 251–260 View View
25-16 Luciana Melchiori: Weighted inequalities for multilinear operators acting between generalized Zygmund spaces assuming Musielak-Orlicz bumps conditions 261–290 View View
25-17 Mansour Mahmoud, Feng Qi: Bounds for completely monotonic degrees of remainders in asymptotic expansions of the digamma function 291–306 View View
Issue: 2 (April, 2022)
Article number / DOI Authors / Title Pages Abstract Article
25-18 Sei-Ichiro Ueki: Volterra type integral operator acting between Fock spaces 307–318 View View
25-19 Yoshihiro Mizuta, Tetsu Shimomura: Hardy and Sobolev inequalities for double phase functionals on the unit ball 319–333 View View
25-20 Rihab Guedri, Najmeddine Attia: A note on the generalized Hausdorff and packing measures of product sets in metric space 335–358 View View
25-21 Artur Rutkowski: Fractional Korn inequality on subsets of the Euclidean space 359–367 View View
25-22 Senlin Wu, Yafang Lv, Keke Zhang, Chan He: Covering convex hulls of compact convex sets with smaller homothetic copies 369–377 View View
25-23 Eungil Ko, Ji Eun Lee, Mee-Jung Lee: On backward Aluthge iterates of complex symmetric operators 379–395 View View
25-24 Hui Wu, Cuixian Kong: Differential Harnack estimate of solutions to a class of semilinear parabolic equation 397–405 View View
25-25 Gradimir V. Milovanović, Abdullah Mir: On the Erdős-Lax and Turán inequalities concerning polynomials 407–419 View View
25-26 Sofiya Ostrovska: Distortion in the metric characterization of superreflexivity in terms of the infinite binary tree 421–431 View View
25-27 DongSeung Kang, Hoewoon Kim, Bongwoo Lee: Stability estimates for a radical functional equation with fixed-point approaches 433–446 View View
25-28 Jun Liu: Fourier transform of variable anisotropic Hardy spaces with applications to Hardy-Littlewood inequalities 447–465 View View
25-29 Kazimierz Nikodem, Teresa Rajba: On Hermite-Hadamard inequalities for (k,h)-convex set-valued maps 467–475 View View
25-30 Yin Liu: Abstract Hardy spaces 477–493 View View
25-31 Antonio Avilés, Gonzalo Martínez-Cervantes, José David Rodríguez Abellán, Abraham Rueda Zoca: Lattice embeddings in free Banach lattices over lattices 495–509 View View
25-32 Chai Wah Wu: On rearrangement inequalities for multiple sequences 511–534 View View
25-33 Vladimir Dmitrievich Stepanov, Elena Pavlovna Ushakova: Compactness of the two-dimensional rectangular Hardy operator 535–549 View View
25-34 Türker Özsarı, Kıvılcım Alkan, Konstantinos Kalimeris: Dispersion estimates for the boundary integral operator associated with the fourth order Schrödinger equation posed on the half line 551–571 View View
25-35 Guoru Wang, Feng Liu: Regularity of commutator of bilinear maximal operator with Lipschitz symbols 573–600 View View
25-36 Péter Kórus, Juan E. Nápoles Valdés: q-Hermite-Hadamard inequalities for functions with convex or h-convex q-derivative 601–610 View View
25-37 Bogdan Gavrea, Ioan Gavrea, Daniel Ianoşi: On q-monotonicity of α-Bernstein operators 611–619 View View