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Mathematical Inequalities & Applications

Volume: 10

Year: 2007


Issue: 2 (April, 2007)
Article number / DOI Authors / Title Pages Abstract Article
10-19 Sergey Tikhonov: Smoothness conditions and Fourier series 229–242 View View
10-20 Hidefumi Katsuura, Samih Obaid: Inequalities involving trigonometric and hyperbolic functions 243–250 View View
10-21 Gejun Bao, Yi Ling: Weighted integral inequalities of Poincaré type 251–259 View View
10-22 Soon-Mo Jung, Ki-Suk Lee: Hyers-Ulam stability of first order linear partial differential equations with constant coefficients 261–266 View View
10-23 Lars-Erik Persson, Vladimir Stepanov, Peter Wall: Some scales of equivalent weight characterizations of Hardy's inequality: the case q<p 267–279 View View
10-24 Ioan Gavrea: An extension of Buzano's inequality in inner product spaces 281–285 View View
10-25 Dah-Yan Hwang: Some interpolations and refinements of Hadamard's inequality for r-convex functions in Carnot groups 287–297 View View
10-26 Tomasz Rychlik: Optimal bounds for linear functionals on monotone functions 299–310 View View
10-27 Sin-Ei Takahasi, Takeshi Miura, Takahiro Hayata: On Wirtinger's inequality and its elementary proof 311–319 View View
10-28 Daniel Breaz, Shigeyoshi Owa: Some extensions of univalent conditions for certain integral operator 321–325 View View
10-29 Hüseyin Irmak, Ravinder Krishna Raina: Certain properties arising from some inequalities concerning subclasses of multivalently analytic functions 327–334 View View
10-30 Jan Vybíral: A remark on better λ-inequality 335–341 View View
10-31 Yong-Kui Chang, Li-Mei Qi: Controllability of nonautonomous semilinear integrodifferential inclusions in Banach spaces 343–350 View View
10-32 Gwang Hui Kim: A generalization of Hyers-Ulam-Rassias stability of the G-functional equation 351–358 View View
10-33 Kazimierz Nikodem, Thomas Riedel, Prasanna K. Sahoo: The stability problem of the Hermite-Hadamard inequality 359–363 View View
10-34 Ekrem Savaş: On a summability factor theorem 365–370 View View
10-35 N. K. Govil, Vijay Gupta: Direct estimates in simultaneous approximation for Durrmeyer type operators 371–379 View View
10-36 Takashi Sano: Furuta inequality of indefinite type 381–387 View View
10-37 Yeol Je Cho, Heng-you Lan: A new class of generalized nonlinear multi-valued quasi-variational-like inclusions with H-monotone mappings 389–401 View View
10-38 K. R. Kazmi, F. A. Khan: Sensitivity analysis for parametric general set-valued mixed varitional-like inequality in uniformly smooth Banach space 403–415 View View
10-39 Jian-wen Peng: Generalized vector quasi-variational-like inequalities 417–426 View View
10-40 Stefan M. Stefanov: On the solution of variational inequality problems by using cutting plane methods 427–436 View View
10-41 N. Behera, C. Nahak, S. Nanda: Generalized (ρ,θ)-η-B-vexity and generalized (ρ,θ)-η-B-preinvexity 437–446 View View
10-42 Peter R. Mercer: The Dunkl-Williams inequality in an inner product space 447–450 View View
10-43 Mikio Kato, Kichi-Suke Saito, Takayuki Tamura: Sharp triangle inequality and its reverse in Banach spaces 451–460 View View
10-44 Josip Pečarić, Rajna Rajić: The Dunkl-Williams inequality with n elements in normed linear spaces 461–470 View View