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Mathematical Inequalities & Applications

Volume: 12

Year: 2009


Issue: 2 (April, 2009)
Article number / DOI Authors / Title Pages Abstract Article
12-19 Ushangi Goginava: The weak type inequality for the maximal operator of the Marcinkiewicz-Fejér means of the two-dimensional Walsh-Kaczmarz system 227–238 View View
12-20 Tomaž Kosem: Matrix versions of Young's inequality 239–254 View View
12-21 Ravi P. Agarwal, Young-Ho Kim, S. K. Sen: A new refined Jordan's inequality and its application 255–264 View View
12-22 Anna Canale: Bounds in spaces of Morrey under Chicco type conditions 265–278 View View
12-23 K. M. Furati, N.-E. Tatar: Inequalities for fractional differential equations 279–293 View View
12-24 Josip Pečarić, I. Perić, M. Rodić Lipanović: Integral representations of generalized Whiteley means and related inequalities 295–309 View View
12-25 O. R. Gabrielyan, H. G. Ghazaryan, V. N. Margaryan: On inequalities for polynomials in two variables 311–333 View View
12-26 Halit Orhan: Neighborhoods of a certain class of p-valent functions with negative coefficients defined by using a differential operator 335–349 View View
12-27 C. Ramachandran, S. Sivasubramanian, H. M. Srivastava, A. Swaminathan: Coefficient inequalities for certain subclasses of analytic functions and their applications involving the Owa-Srivastava operator of fractional calculus 351–363 View View
12-28 Yeol Je Cho, Xiaolong Qin: Generalized systems for relaxed cocoercive variational inequalities and projection methods in Hilbert spaces 365–375 View View
12-29 Akira Yamada: Equality conditions for norm inequalities in reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces 377–390 View View
12-30 Sever S. Dragomir: Inequalities for the p-angular distance in normed linear spaces 391–401 View View
12-31 Mea Bombardelli, Shanhe Wu: Reverse inequalities of Erdös-Mordell type 403–411 View View
12-32 J. Barić, M. Matić, Josip Pečarić: On the bounds for the normalized Jensen functional and Jensen-Steffensen inequality 413–432 View View
12-33 M. Z. Wang, Y. Zhao: Generalizations of some classical results under MVBV condition 433–440 View View
12-34 Dashan Fan, Shuichi Sato: A note on singular integrals associated with a variable surface of revolution 441–454 View View