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Mathematical Inequalities & Applications

Volume: 13

Year: 2010


Issue: 4 (October, 2010)
Article number / DOI Authors / Title Pages Abstract Article
13-49 Mikhail Borsuk: The Friedrichs-Wirtinger type inequality and its application to the transmission problem in a conical domain 679–714 View View
13-50 Edward Neuman, József Sándor: On some inequalities involving trigonometric and hyperbolic functions with emphasis on the Cusa-Huygens, Wilker, and Huygens inequalities 715–723 View View
13-51 Yuming Chu, Gendi Wang, Xiaohui Zhang: Schur convexity and Hadamard's inequality 725–731 View View
13-52 Sin-Ei Takahasi, John M. Rassias, Saburou Saitoh, Yasuji Takahashi: Refined generalizations of the triangle inequality on Banach spaces 733–741 View View
13-53 Masatoshi Fujii, Mikio Kato, Kichi-Suke Saito, Takayuki Tamura: Sharp mean triangle inequality 743–752 View View
13-54 Olga M. Katkova, Anna M. Vishnyakova: A remark about positive polynomials 753–759 View View
13-55 Kh. Hessami Pilehrood, T. Hessami Pilehrood: Approximations to Euler's constant 761–773 View View
13-56 Jiangtao Yuan: Classified construction of generalized Furuta type operator functions, II 775–784 View View
13-57 Robert Černý, Silvie Mašková: On generalization of Moser's theorem in the critical case 785–802 View View
13-58 Cristinel Mortici: A new method for establishing and proving accurate bounds for the Wallis ratio 803–815 View View
13-59 Yang Bicheng, Mario Krnić: Hilbert-type inequalities and related operators with homogeneous kernel of degree 0 817–839 View View
13-60 Hui Huang: Inversion theorem for nonconvex multifunctions 841–849 View View
13-61 Teodor Oprea: Ricci curvature of Lagrangian submanifolds in complex space forms 851–858 View View
13-62 Hüseyin Irmak: Certain inequalities and their applications to multivalently analytic functions-II 859–865 View View
13-63 Liguang Liu, Dachun Yang, Yuan Zhou: Boundedness of generalized Riesz potentials on spaces of homogeneous type 867–885 View View
13-64 Aleš Nekvinda: A note on one-sided maximal operator in Lp(.)(ℝ) 887–897 View View
13-65 J. Jakšetić, Josip Pečarić, Atiq Ur Rehman: On Stolarsky and related means 899–909 View View