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Mathematical Inequalities & Applications

Volume: 25

Year: 2022


Issue: 4 (October, 2022)
Article number / DOI Authors / Title Pages Abstract Article
25-59 María Concepción López-Díaz, Miguel López-Díaz, Sergio Martínez-Fernández: On stochastic orders defined by other stochastic orders and transformations of probabilities 925–939 View View
25-60 Bappaditya Bhowmik, Goutam Satpati: Inequalities for meromorphic univalent functions with nonzero pole 941–961 View View
25-61 Nguyen Anh Dao: Hardy operators and commutators on generalized central function spaces 963–983 View View
25-62 Ruishen Qian, Xiangling Zhu: Volterra integral operator from weighted Bergman spaces to general function spaces 985–998 View View
25-63 Tran Minh Nguyen, Tan Duc Do, Nguyen Ngoc Trong, Bui Le Trong Thanh: Generalized Gagliardo-Nirenberg inequalities via Muramatu's integral formula 999–1020 View View
25-64 Qi Bao, Miao-Kun Wang, Song-Liang Qiu: Monotonicity properties of Gaussian hypergeometric functions with respect to the parameter 1021–1045 View View
25-65 Paweł Pasteczka: On properties of weighted Hardy constant for means 1047–1068 View View
25-66 Jiao Zhang, Zhan Zheng: Hardy-Hilbert type inequalities for matrices 1069–1078 View View
25-67 Monika Singh, Arun Pal Singh, Pankaj Jain: Rubio de Francia extrapolation results for grand Lebesgue spaces defined on sets having possibly infinite measure 1079–1099 View View
25-68 Alberto Lastra, Javier Sanz, J. Rafael Sendra: On the summability of a class of formal power series 1101–1121 View View
25-69 Ali Hasan Ali, Zsolt Páles: Taylor-type expansions in terms of exponential polynomials 1123–1141 View View
25-70 Graham J. O. Jameson: Another identity relating to Hardy's inequality for ℓ2 1143–1145 View View
25-71 Christian Axler: On Ramanujan's prime counting inequality 1147–1154 View View
25-72 Miguel Berasategui, Pablo M. Berná: Extensions of democracy-like properties for sequences with gaps 1155–1189 View View
25-73 Luong Dang Ky: Lower bound of Hausdorff operators on the power weighted Hardy spaces 1191–1200 View View