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Mathematical Inequalities & Applications

Volume: 4

Year: 2001


Issue: 1 (January, 2001)
Article number / DOI Authors / Title Pages Abstract Article
04-01 Seon-Hong Kim: Minmax problems for fractional parts of real numbers 1–18 View View
04-02 V. I. Burenkov, T. V. Tararykova: Inequalities for mean values over quasiballs for functions defined on arbitrary open sets 19–33 View View
04-03 Don B. Hinton, Suzanne Collier Melescue: Relative boundedness-compactness inequalities for a second order differential operator 35–52 View View
04-04 L. Leindler: A note on some classes of real sequences 53–58 View View
04-05 S. S. Dragomir: On the Ostrowski's integral inequality for mappings with bounded variation and applications 59–66 View View
04-06 Jorma Kaarlo Merikoski, Ari Virtanen: Best possible bounds for ordered positive numbers using their sum and product 67–84 View View
04-07 Zhang Shiqing: Sundman's inequalities in N-body problems and their applications 85–91 View View
04-08 Kil-Woung Jun, Yang-Hi Lee: On the Hyers-Ulam-Rassias stability of a pexiderized quadratic inequality 93–118 View View
04-09 Octavian Agratini: Korovkin type error estimates for Meyer-König and Zeller operators 119–126 View View
04-10 Vladimir Gol'dshtein, Alexander G. Ramm: Compactness of the embedding operators for rough domains 127–141 View View
04-11 Atsushi Uchiyama: Weyl's Theorem for Class A Operators 143–150 View View
04-12 Dorin Andrica: On a result concerning a property of closed manifolds 151–155 View View
04-13 Richard A. Brualdi: Short Proofs of the Gale & Ryser and Ford & Fulkerson Characterizations of the Row and Column Sum Vectors of (0,1)-Matrices 157–159 View View
04-14 Iosif Pinelis: On the Yao-Iyer inequality in bioequivalence studies 161–162 View View