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Mathematical Inequalities & Applications

Volume: 5

Year: 2002


Issue: 3 (July, 2002)
Article number / DOI Authors / Title Pages Abstract Article
05-36 Doru Ştefănescu: Inequalities on polynomial roots 335–347 View View
05-37 László Losonczi: Inequalitites for Cauchy mean values 349–359 View View
05-38 Faruk F. Abi-Khuzam, Bassam Shayya: A sharp norm inequality for non-isotropic distance functions on ℝn 361–368 View View
05-39 Josip Pečarić, Vera Čuljak: Interpolation polynomials and inequalities for convex functions of higher order 369–386 View View
05-40 Alessandra De Rossi, Luigi Rodino: A strengthened Cauchy-Schwarz inequality for bidimensional spline-wavelets 387–395 View View
05-41 Aleksandra Čižmešija, Josip Pečarić: Multivariable mixed means and inequalities of hardy and Levin-Cochran-Lee type 397–415 View View
05-42 N. S. Barnett, P. Cerone, S. S. Dragomir, A. Sofo: Approximating Csiszár f-divergence by the use of Taylor's formula with integral remainder 417–434 View View
05-43 C. Buşe, S. S. Dragomir, J. Roumeliotis, A. Sofo: Generalised trapezoid type inequalities for vector-valued functions and applications 435–450 View View
05-44 P. Cerone: Generalised trapezoidal rules with error involving bounds of the nth derivative 451–462 View View
05-45 S. S. Dragomir, C. E. M. Pearce: Quasilinearity & Hadamard's inequality 463–471 View View
05-46 Ioan Gavrea: Some remarks on Hilbert's integral inequality 473–477 View View
05-47 Constantin P. Niculescu: Choquet theory for signed measures 479–489 View View
05-48 A. Sofo: Double integral inequalities based on multi-branch Peano kernels 491–503 View View
05-49 Živorad Tomovski: A note on the Leindler's class Sα, α; > 0 505–509 View View
05-50 Gheorghe Toader: Integral generalized means 511–516 View View
05-51 Silvia Toader: Derivatives of generalized means 517–523 View View
05-52 Liviu C. Florescu: Extensions of Fatou's inequality 525–534 View View
05-53 Ram U. Verma: A computational role of partially relaxed monotone mappings in approximation solvability of nonlinear variational inequalities 535–541 View View
05-54 G. Allasia, C. Giordano, J. Pečarić: Inequalities for the gamma function relating to asymptotic expansions 543–555 View View
05-55 M. Megan, Adina Luminiţa Sasu, B. Sasu, A. Pogan: Exponential stability and unstability of semigroups of linear operators in Banach spaces 557–567 View View
05-56 A. I. Mitrea: Inequalities involving the norm of some linear operators with application to approximation procedures 569–572 View View
05-57 Masatoshi Fujii, Yuki Seo, Masaru Tominaga: Golden-Thompson type inequalities related to a geometric mean via specht's ratio 573–582 View View
05-58 Jadranka Mićić, Josip Pečarić, Yuki Seo: A general form preserving the operator order for convex functions 583–592 View View
05-59 Octavian Crăsnaru: About von Neummann's inequality for d-contractions 593–596 View View
05-60 Stefan M. Stefanov: A Lagrangian dual method for solving variational inequalities 597–608 View View