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Mathematical Inequalities & Applications

Volume: 7

Year: 2004


Issue: 4 (October, 2004)
Article number / DOI Authors / Title Pages Abstract Article
07-47 Josep L. Garcia-Domingo, Javier Soria: Lorentz spaces for decreasing rearrangements of functions on trees 471–490 View View
07-48 Ercan Altinisik, Naim Tuglu, Pentti Haukkanen: A note on bounds for norms of the reciprocal LCM matrix 491–496 View View
07-49 C. M. da Fonseca: A conjecture about the inertia of Hermitian matrices 497–503 View View
07-50 Fu-Hsiang Wong: Jensen's Inequalities with Multiple variables on Time Scales 505–510 View View
07-51 B. G. Pachpatte: A note on integral inequalities involving Two Log-Convex Functions 511–515 View View
07-52 J. Rooin: Some new proofs for the AGM inequality 517–521 View View
07-53 Daqing Jiang, Jifeng Chu, Donal O'Regan, R. P. Agarwal: Positive solutions for continuous and discrete boundary value problems to the one-dimension p-laplacian 523–534 View View
07-54 Adina Luminiţa Sasu: Integral characterizations for stability of linear skew-product semiflows 535–541 View View
07-55 L. E. Payne, G. A. Philippin: Decay bounds for solutions of second order parabolic problems and their derivatives II 543–549 View View
07-56 Yuichi Kanjin, Kunio Sato: Hardy's inequality for Jacobi expansions 551–555 View View
07-57 Fernando Cobos, Raúl Romero: Lions-Peetre type compactness results for several Banach spaces 557–571 View View
07-58 António M. Caetano, Susana D. Moura: Local growth envelopes of spaces of generalized smoothness: the critical case 573–606 View View
07-59 Jean-Christophe Bourin: Convexity or concavity inequalities for Hermitian operators 607–620 View View
07-60 M. Singh, H. L. Vasudeva: Norm inequalities involving matrix monotone functions 621–627 View View
07-61 In Hyoun Kim: On (p,k)-quasihyponormal operators 629–638 View View