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Mathematical Inequalities & Applications

Volume: 9

Year: 2006


Issue: 1 (January, 2006)
Article number / DOI Authors / Title Pages Abstract Article
09-01 Bai-Ni Guo, Feng Qi: Monotonicity of sequences involving geometric means of positive sequences with monotonicity and logarithmical convexity 1–9 View View
09-02 Anca Iuliana Bonciocat, Nicolae Ciprian Bonciocat, Alexandru Zaharescu: Bounds for the multiplicities of the roots for some classes of complex polynomials 11–22 View View
09-03 Ayşe Dilek Güngör, Ramazan Türkmen: Bounds for extreme singular values of a complex matrix and its applications 23–31 View View
09-04 Jean-Christophe Bourin: Symmetric norms and reverse inequalities to Davis and Hansen-Pedersen characterizations of operator convexity 33–42 View View
09-05 M. Klaričić Bakula, J. Pečarić: Note on some inequalities for generalized convex functions 43–52 View View
09-06 Mihály Bessenyei, Zsolt Páles: Characterizations of convexity via Hadamard's inequality 53–62 View View
09-07 Vadim E. Levit, Eugen Mandrescu: Some operations preserving log-concavity of nonnegative functions 63–73 View View
09-08 Fu-Hsiang Wong, Cheh-Chih Yeh, Chen-Huang Hong: Gronwall inequalities on time scales 75–86 View View
09-09 P. Cerone: On a Čebyšev-type functional and Grüss-like bounds 87–102 View View
09-10 Ling Zhu: Sharpening of Jordan's inequalities and its applications 103–106 View View
09-11 Abdul Aziz, Aliya Qayoom: Estimates for the modulii of the zeros of a polynomial 107–116 View View
09-12 Khalida Inayat Noor: Some classes of p-analytic functions defined by certain integral operator 117–123 View View
09-13 Shigeyoshi Owa, Kyohei Ochiai, H. M. Srivastava: Some coefficient inequalities and distortion bounds associated with certain new subclasses of analytic functions 125–135 View View
09-14 Tadeusz Jankowski: On delay differential equations with almost periodic boundary conditions started from different points 137–146 View View
09-15 Chung-Tsun Shieh: On the behavior of the first eigenvalue of the spherical Laplacian operator on a spherical annulus 147–151 View View
09-16 Kil-Woung Jun, Hark-Mahn Kim: On the stability of an n-dimensional quadratic and additive functional equation 153–165 View View
09-17 Roman Badora: On approximate derivations 167–173 View View
09-18 Heng-you Lan, Nan-jing Huang, Yeol Je Cho: New iterative approximation for a system of generalized nonlinear variational inclusions with set-valued mappings in Banach spaces 175–187 View View
Issue: 2 (April, 2006)
Article number / DOI Authors / Title Pages Abstract Article
09-19 S. Pirzada, T. A. Naikoo: Inequalities for marks in digraphs 189–198 View View
09-20 Kaizhong Guan, Jianhua Shen: Schur-convexity for a class of symmetric function and its applications 199–210 View View
09-21 Ramazan Türkmen, Durmuş Bozkurt: A note for bounds of norms of Hadamard product of matrices 211–217 View View
09-22 Huan-Nan Shi, Shan-He Wu, Feng Qi: An alternative note on the Schur-convexity of the extended mean values 219–224 View View
09-23 Young Joon Ahn, Seon-Hong Kim: Zeros of certain trinomial equations 225–232 View View
09-24 Ludmila Bourchtein, Andrei Bourchtein: One inequality for conformal mappings of spherical domains 233–246 View View
09-25 F. Qi, B.-N. Guo: Monotonicity of sequences involving convex function and sequence 247–254 View View
09-26 Ke Ding, Jong-Kyu Kim, Nan-jing Huang: Some new integral inequalities with applications 255–268 View View
09-27 ̊smail Kocayusufoğlu: Isoperimetric inequality in taxicab geometry 269–272 View View
09-28 M. A. Navascués, M. V. Sebastián: Error bounds for affine fractal interpolation 273–288 View View
09-29 László Losonczi: On reciprocal polynomials with zeros of modulus one 289–298 View View
09-30 Mourad E. H. Ismail, Andrea Laforgia: Functional inequalities for incomplete gamma and related functions 299–302 View View
09-31 Sulbha Goyal, Vinod Goyal: On radially symmetric solutions of second and higher order nonlinear partial differential equations 303–324 View View
09-32 Yun-Sung Chung, Jong-Ho Kim, Soon-Yeong Chung: Stability of a quadratic functional equation in the space of distributions 325–334 View View
09-33 M. Et, Y. Altin, B. Choudhary, B. C. Tripathy: On some classes of sequences defined by sequences of Orlicz functions 335–342 View View
09-34 Dimiter Dryanov, Richard Fournier: On an improvement of Bernstein's polynomial inequalities 343–349 View View
09-35 D. S. Yu, S. P. Zhou: Approximation rate for Müntz rational functions in Lp spaces 351–357 View View
09-36 M. A. Hernández Cifre, P. J. Herrero Piñeyro: Some optimization problems for the minimal annulus of a convex set 359–374 View View
Issue: 3 (July, 2006)
Article number / DOI Authors / Title Pages Abstract Article
09-37 Dorel I. Duca, Ovidiu Pop: On the intermediate point in Cauchy's mean-value theorem 375–389 View View
09-38 Raghib M. Abu-Saris, Mowaffaq Hajja: Geometric means of two positive numbers 391–406 View View
09-39 P. Ortega Salvador, C. Ramírez Torreblanca: Weighted inequalities for harmonic means 407–420 View View
09-40 Shanhe Wu: Generalization and sharpness of Finsler-Hadwiger's inequality and its applications 421–426 View View
09-41 Feng Qi, Bai-Ni Guo, Chao-Ping Chen: The best bounds in Gautschi-Kershaw inequalities 427–436 View View
09-42 Zhanbing Bai, Xiangli Fei: Existence of triple positive solutions for a third order generalized right focal problem 437–444 View View
09-43 Kenneth S. Berenhaut, Eva G. Goedhart: Second-order linear recurrences with restricted coefficients and the constant (1/3)1/3 445–452 View View
09-44 Choonkil Baak, Hahng-Yun Chu, Mohammad Sal Moslehian: On the Cauchy-Rassias inequality and linear n-inner product preserving mappings 453–464 View View
09-45 Vijay Gupta, Ram N. Mohapatra: On the rate of convergence for certain summation-integration type operators 465–472 View View
09-46 G. Gát, U. Goginava, K. Nagy: On (Hpq, Lpq)-type inequality of maximal operator of Marcinkiewicz-Fejér means of double Fourier series with respect to the Kaczmarz system 473–483 View View
09-47 Máté Matolcsi, Gustavo A. Muñoz: On the real linear polarization constant problem 485–494 View View
09-48 Jadranka Mićić, Josip Pečarić: Generalization of the Kantorovich type operator inequalities via Grand Furuta inequality 495–510 View View
09-49 Said Bouali, Youssef Bouhafsi: On the range kernel orthogonality and p-symmetric operators 511–519 View View
09-50 Denghua Zhang, Huai-Xin Cao: Stability of group and ring homomorphisms 521–528 View View
09-51 Muhammad Aslam Noor: Fundamentals of equilibrium problems 529–566 View View
Issue: 4 (October, 2006)
Article number / DOI Authors / Title Pages Abstract Article
09-52 Kaizhong Guan: Schur-convexity of the complete symmetric function 567–576 View View
09-53 K. M. Furati, N.-E. Tatar: Some fractional differential inequalities and their applications 577–598 View View
09-54 Ioan Rasa: Classes of convex functions associated with Bernstein operators of second kind 599–605 View View
09-55 Péter Czinder, Zsolt Páles: Some comparison inequalities for Gini and Stolarsky means 607–616 View View
09-56 Qing-Hua Ma, Josip Pečarić: Some new nonlinear retarded integral inequalities and their applications 617–632 View View
09-57 Agnieszka Goroncy, Tomasz Rychlik: How deviant can you be? The complete solution 633–647 View View
09-58 T. V. Tararykova: An explicit representation as quasi-sum of squares of a polynomial generated by the AG inequality 649–659 View View
09-59 Muhammet Kamali: Neighborhoods of a new class of p-valently starlike functions with negative coefficients 661–670 View View
09-60 Yan Liu, Changhao Lin: Phragmén-Lindelöf type alternative results for the stokes flow equation 671–694 View View
09-61 C. Enache, G. A. Philippin: Some maximum principles for a class of elliptic boundary value problems 695–706 View View
09-62 Yong-Soo Jung, Kil-Woung Jun: The stability of a Wilson type and a Pexider type functional equation 707–716 View View
09-63 Ekrem Savaş: On almost increasing sequences for generalized absolute summability 717–723 View View
09-64 M. B. Dhakne, S. D. Kendre: On a nonlinear Volterra integrodifferential equation in Banach spaces 725–738 View View
09-65 Pankaj Jain, Pawan K. Jain, Babita Gupta: Higher dimensional compactness of Hardy operators involving Oinarov-type kernels 739–748 View View
09-66 J. I. Fujii, M. Nakamura, J. Pečarić, Y. Seo: Bounds for the ratio and difference between parallel sum and series via Mond-Pečarić method 749–759 View View
09-67 Muhammad Aslam Noor: Mixed quasi regularized variational inequalities 761–769 View View
09-68 Mao-Ming Jin: Perturbed algorithm and stability for strongly nonlinear quasi-variational inclusion involving H-accretive operators 771–779 View View
09-69 G. Isac, S. Z. Németh: Duality in nonlinear complementarity theory by using inversions and scalar derivatives 781–795 View View
09-70 Kaizhong Guan: The Hamy symmetric function and its generalization 797–805 View View