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Mathematical Inequalities & Applications

Volume: 9

Year: 2006


Issue: 2 (April, 2006)
Article number / DOI Authors / Title Pages Abstract Article
09-19 S. Pirzada, T. A. Naikoo: Inequalities for marks in digraphs 189–198 View View
09-20 Kaizhong Guan, Jianhua Shen: Schur-convexity for a class of symmetric function and its applications 199–210 View View
09-21 Ramazan Türkmen, Durmuş Bozkurt: A note for bounds of norms of Hadamard product of matrices 211–217 View View
09-22 Huan-Nan Shi, Shan-He Wu, Feng Qi: An alternative note on the Schur-convexity of the extended mean values 219–224 View View
09-23 Young Joon Ahn, Seon-Hong Kim: Zeros of certain trinomial equations 225–232 View View
09-24 Ludmila Bourchtein, Andrei Bourchtein: One inequality for conformal mappings of spherical domains 233–246 View View
09-25 F. Qi, B.-N. Guo: Monotonicity of sequences involving convex function and sequence 247–254 View View
09-26 Ke Ding, Jong-Kyu Kim, Nan-jing Huang: Some new integral inequalities with applications 255–268 View View
09-27 ̊smail Kocayusufoğlu: Isoperimetric inequality in taxicab geometry 269–272 View View
09-28 M. A. Navascués, M. V. Sebastián: Error bounds for affine fractal interpolation 273–288 View View
09-29 László Losonczi: On reciprocal polynomials with zeros of modulus one 289–298 View View
09-30 Mourad E. H. Ismail, Andrea Laforgia: Functional inequalities for incomplete gamma and related functions 299–302 View View
09-31 Sulbha Goyal, Vinod Goyal: On radially symmetric solutions of second and higher order nonlinear partial differential equations 303–324 View View
09-32 Yun-Sung Chung, Jong-Ho Kim, Soon-Yeong Chung: Stability of a quadratic functional equation in the space of distributions 325–334 View View
09-33 M. Et, Y. Altin, B. Choudhary, B. C. Tripathy: On some classes of sequences defined by sequences of Orlicz functions 335–342 View View
09-34 Dimiter Dryanov, Richard Fournier: On an improvement of Bernstein's polynomial inequalities 343–349 View View
09-35 D. S. Yu, S. P. Zhou: Approximation rate for Müntz rational functions in Lp spaces 351–357 View View
09-36 M. A. Hernández Cifre, P. J. Herrero Piñeyro: Some optimization problems for the minimal annulus of a convex set 359–374 View View