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Mathematical Inequalities & Applications

Forthcoming articles

Article number Authors / Title Full Article
mia-20-22 René Brandenberg, Bernardo González Merino A complete 3-dimensional Blaschke-Santaló diagram View
mia-20-23 Stephen Drury A real counterexample to two inequalities involving permanents View
mia-20-24 Horst Martini, Zokhrab Mustafaev New inequalities for products of cross-section measures View
mia-20-25 Teresa Rajba On a generalization of a theorem of Levin and Ste\v{c}kin and inequalities of the Hermite-Hadamard type View
mia-20-26 Özkan Öztürk Classification schemes of nonoscillatory solutions for two-dimensional time scale systems View
mia-20-27 Mohammad Sababheh Improved Jensen's inequality View
mia-20-28 Jingshi Xu, Xiaodi Yang Variable integral and smooth exponent Triebel-Lizorkin spaces associated with a non-negative self-adjoint operator View
mia-20-29 Hanyu Li, Peng Lv A note on the sensitivity analysis for the symplectic QR factorization View
mia-20-30 Daniel Estévez Explicit traces of functions from Sobolev spaces and quasi-optimal linear interpolators View
mia-20-31 S. H. Saker, R. R. Mahmoud, M. M. Osman, R. P. Agarwal Some new generalized forms of Hardy's type inequality on time scales View
mia-20-32 Changsen Yang, Tianyu Wang Generalized von Neumann-Jordan constant C^(p)_{NJ}(X) for the regular octagon space View
mia-20-33 Jinsen Xiao, Jianxun He On Hardy's inequalities for the special Hermite expansions View
mia-20-34 Madani Moussai On the composition of functions in multidimensional Besov spaces View
mia-20-35 Feng Liu On the Triebel-Lizorkin space boundedness of Marcinkiewicz integrals along compound surfaces View
mia-20-36 Jun-Tong Liu, Qing-Wen Wang, Fang-Fang Sun Determinant inequalities for Hadamard product of positive definite matrices View
mia-20-37 Yecheng Shi, Songxiao Li Essential norm of the differences of composition operators on the bloch space View
mia-20-38 Khalid Shebrawi Bounds for the zeros of polynomials from numerical radius inequalities View
mia-20-39 Senlin Wu, Xinling Zhang, Xinxin Tong Illuminated caps of the unit spheres of Banach spaces and related inequalities View
mia-20-40 Lei Hou, Dengpeng Zhang Concave functions of partitioned matrices with numerical ranges in a sector View